Accounting covers not only economic transactions and events, expressed in money or as a system of registration, grouping and summarizing, which necessary to prepare information for making economic decisions and receiving and concluding financial reports. Purpose of accountancy is to report the company's financial information to shareholders, owners, investors, banks, creditors and other concerned persons.


Ltd DENGISTA provides all accounting services, advice on financial and tax issues.


Our aims are:


- To manage your accounts effectively!

- To be at the right time!

- To reach only the best results!

- Our team consists of qualified experts in their field,    constantly improving their knowledge in various    accounting and tax seminars.


Why to choose us?


- We are motivated to help you ‘grow’ since together  is easier to overcome all obstacles;

- We take full responsibility for our work; our  enterprise is insured by business civil liability  insurance;

- We guarantee confidentiality, concreteness and stability;

- We do our work fair, professionally and execute tasks on time;

- We response to customers' problems promptly, consult on accounting and tax matters;

- We are responsible, competent and flexible;

- We are always available, even at weekends;

- Required documents can be submitted online as well as taken by us from your workplace.


With the experience and knowledge we have our specialists are ready to contribute to your business success.